AWE Worldwide

Around 50 companies and institutions worldwide are working on various Airborne Wind Energy-technologies and projects to exploit the stable and strong winds at up to 500 m. Generally speaking, the concepts are categorized in “FlyGen”-concepts with a generator on the airborne devices and “GroundGen”-concepts with a generator on the ground. For both categories, numerous technological implementations are investigated. All concepts have their advantages and disadvantages and are in different stages of development. Besides the companies that develop system prototypes, there are numerous research institutes, universities and colleges that investigate particular aspects in the individual areas of Airborne Wind Energy. The following figure gives a rough overview over selected companies and institutes:

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At AWEC 2015 over 200 participants gathered and exchanged knowledge about current state of the art in the different AWE technologies in numerous talks, presentations and vivid conversations.

Already in the privious AWEC2013 prototypes and models produced CO2 free electricity on the former Berlin Tempelhof airfield. Therefore not only a 200 m² kite was presented but also tasty “green” waffles were tasted. The used electricity was provided by the AWE system of the Berlin Brandenburg based company Enerkite on the runway. With a special authorization the kite was allowed to fly up to 300 m to generate electricity. A model of the trail system of the Berlin based company NTS GmbH wrapped up the flight day in the center of Berlin.