Goal of the ZIM-network HWN 500 is to initiate R&D-projects for the development of innovative airborne wind energy systems. High availability, low material consumption and low cost characterize Airborne Wind Energy (AWE) systems. The tethered flying device can flexibly “follow the wind” where it is strongest and therefore uses the persistent wind in altitudes up to 500 m significantly more efficient than conventional (towered) wind power plants.

Demonstration plants of our network partners already produce electricity and scaled up systems are already under development.

Together with its partners the network initiates innovative research and development projects in the areas:

Join us and implement new and future-orientated R&D projects! Companies and research institutes that are interested in Airborne Wind Energy and respective R&D-projects are welcome.

We are looking forward getting in touch with you! Contact the network management via kontakt(at)hwn500.de.

The network is co-funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy within the ZIM program (Central Innovation Program SME (small and medium sized enterprises)).